--What are the other factors that may affect your use of LLS?

影響使用語言學習策略的因素 (Factors Affecting LLS Use)

  • Language Learned (所學的語言)
  • Period of Learning (學習時間長短)
  • Familiarity of LLS (對語言學習策略的熟悉程度)
  • Age (年齡大小)
  • Gender (男女性別)
  • Affective factors (情感因素)
  • Attitude (學習態度)
  • Motivation (Variety and Intensity) (學習動機的類別和強度)
  • Learning Goal (學習目標)
  • Personal Characteristics (個性特質)
  • Learning Style Preferences (偏好之語言學習型態)
  • Aptitude (性向)
  • Nationality and Cultural Background (國籍與文化背景)
  • Future Career Orientation (未來職業導向)
  • Teaching Methods (教學方法)
  • Task Requirements (工作要求)