E-learning 線上學習相關網站

e-Learning Centre
Jane Knight, an independent e-Learning Advisor, set up the e-Learning Centre in 1994 to help organizations and individuals understand e-learning and provide practical advice on how to build effective e-learning solutions. The e-Learning Resource Collection contains links to thousands of selected, reviewed and categorized e-learning articles, books, products and services, conferences, and examples of best practice.
Vantage Learning
Vantage Learning is committed to providing advanced artificial intelligence technologies that foster enhanced student learning.
  Vantage Learning提供先進的人工智慧科技來加強學生的學習。
William Horton Consulting
For over 14 years William Horton Consulting has helped organizations productively use new digital media and communications techniques. It teaches, consults, speaks, and writes on e-learning, knowledge management, online documentation, and visual design. This site includes not only information about William Horton Consulting, but samples of their work, publications and presentations, and free advice.
此網站過去14年來已幫助許多機關團體成功地使用新的數位多媒體及通訊技術。在e-learning,知識管理,線上文件與視覺設計各方面提供相關的教學、諮詢、口說、及寫作。同時提供William Horton Consulting之作業範例、出版品及報告等。